Thursday, March 31, 2011

DIY Curtains

I was so excited to make curtains for my kitchen. It took me forever and a day to pick out the "perfect" fabric, and I finally found it...Blossom, by Vicki Payne for Free Spirit. I got it from my local fabric shop that sells fun and funky stuff, Drawstring Studio

I love laying the fabric out and the sound of cutting it, as scared as I am of effing up.

I chose to sew it because there's just something about a perfect seam versus using hem tape.  It just looks professional and real.
I love the smell of my sewing machine when its loudly humming away.  I love when I get something right.
I do not, however, love when I screw up.  That hem tape would have come in handy.  Despite using a worksheet from a book on how to measure for curtains, they were the wrong length.  Crap crap crap.  Thankfully, we can fix the issue by moving down the rod.  And at the end, I can always yank out the bottom 4" hem and make it a bit smaller.

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Our Lussier Family said...

Found your blog from the your link to Drawstring...I can't remember did I figure out the yardage for you? I still have some left if I made a mistake(gosh I hope not!!!) me at