Friday, November 09, 2007

That's right, girl.

Norah: "what's that, mommy?" (points to diamond above jewelery store sign)
Me: "a diamond."
N: "oooh. I like diamond."
Me: "and what else? what are diamonds?"
N: "they my best friend."

good girl.

Norah made up a new little ditty. I often sing her "I see london, I see france, I see Norah's underpants." because I am trying to teach her not to show the world her undies when wearing a dress. So anyway, when we drive downtown, we pass this area where we can see into the Miller (brewing co.) Valley and see Miller Park. They know that the Miller sign=beer. She decided to sing a song, set to 'i see london', and it goes:
I see beer
I see beer
I see beer
every where!
Let's hope she doesn't sing that at school or we may hear CPS knocking on our door.

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