Friday, May 25, 2007

Long time, no update

Potty training is in full force here. Its certainly not fun, but I guess they can't be in diapers forever. Norah's actually doing fabulous on the pee front. She is managing to stay dry all day. Its just the poop issues we have to worry about. And poop issues she has. Holy cow. We need to break her of her holding it in behavior. It involves multiple laxitives, enemas, and visits to the children's hospital gastroenterology clinic. Good times.
Elliott is doing pretty good, too. He did pee himself today and just kept playing...never came in to tell me. I will chalk that up to being busy. I hope.

Aidan will be out of school after 6/15. I am kind of scared of what the summer holds. He tends to be, um, sassy, bossy, naughty, etc, when bored. So its up to me to keep him busy, but still have a fun summer. He'll be in a summer playground thing every M-W for 2 hours in the morning, all summer long. He's got t-ball at night. And he's taking 2 1-day zoo classes and a 1 day gymnastics camp. Norah is in dance (night) and is in the gymnastics camp, as well. And Elliott is also in the gym camp, and is doing swim lessons at night. Between all of that and playgroups, the park, and pools, and a few summer festivals, I hope we'll have fun.

Speaking of festivals, last weekend, we walked down to a small festival. En route, I looked down and saw that Norah and Elliott were holding hands between the strollers. How sweet is that?

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