Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Growing Up...

Aidan is growing up so fast and learning so much from school. Especially recently, it seems like he's really picking up on things. He's starting to spell some words on his own and be able to write them without asking how they are spelled, like zoo, mommy, daddy, flower, and some of the easier (to spell) months of the year. Granted, its pretty much rote memorization and its not like he's phonetically figuring out words, but still...its so much more than what he was doing two months ago, which was nothing.

His drawings are really impressive (to me, at least), as well. He's starting to add so much detail and they're becoming much more refined. So very cool.

Here are two recent ones....

A drawing of a sunflower, tulips, and daisies growing in soil.

The May calendar

Norah and Elliott. What can I say about them. They will turn me grey, if that is even possible. When I take them to their little kids' club and pick them up later, I am always told that Norah is the one who bosses Elliott around, who takes his toys away, and who is quite mean to him. However, at home, its a whole different story. He provokes her, he teases her, and he does whatever he can to make her mad. And he knows what will make her mad. And when I tell him to stop, he flashes me this cute little smile. He is going to be trouble. I hate to peg him this early, but I can feel it. He's going to be a handful as he gets older.
As much as they fight, they love each other to death.

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