Thursday, March 08, 2007

5 year stats and musings

Aidan's Stats at 5 Years:


So he's a tad taller than average, but not much, and of average weight.
He's finally outgrowing his size 4 pants and is moving into size 5, but they're still quite large on him because he's got no fat on his body. He's sporting the baggy look.

The pediatrician was highly impressed that he can whip out a 300 piece puzzle in about an hour or so. Heck, I am impressed because I could never do that.
She also mentioned that some boys don't night train until age 9. AGE 9?!?! Oh man. That just sucks.

We got him a Razor scooter for his birthday and he's gotten really good at it, just practicing in the house. He's very very eager for the snow to melt so he can go outside and take it for a spin and show off some of his "tricks" he's been practicing.

He's been diligently working on building Lincoln Log structures, but we HAVE to use the directions. He's finally gotten one of them down on his help! When he's gotten frustrated and I told him to use his imagination to just build something, he got angry with me and said, "no! I don't want to use my imagination. I'll use it when I am 8 years old."
8's the magic age. He claims he'll do a lot of stuff when he turns 8. I wonder why he picked that number and if he'll change his mind?

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