Sunday, March 18, 2007

Funny at Five

I was diligently knitting my first ever baby blanket (SnB's Big Bad Baby Blanket) when, 6 rows into it, I realized I made a huge mistake and the only way I could fix it was to frog the whole damn thing. How disheartening. I've restarted it, but I am taking a break for an hour to rest my poor wrists.

So anyway....there are just a few things that I want to note about Aidan at age 5.

This is the first Lego car that Aidan built all by himself. He's gone through building all the cars in the book with us, but today, he sat down and went step-by-step through the instructions and built this. We were shocked. WOW! That's just amazing to me.

He's been saying some funny things lately. He's fixated at three-oh-oh being his snacktime. So recently, when we were talking about him going to school next year for full days and not getting home until 3:30, he said, "But I will miss my snack at 3-0-0! That's no good!" And today when we were out running errands, he said, "mommy, is this going to take a long time? Because I don't want to miss three-oh-oh."
That cracks me up.

Later on, we were at the grocery store and we rounded a corner and the meat counter came into view. He loudly exclaimed, "look mommy -- NASTY!" , pointing at the meat. The lady standing there started cracking up.

And finally, since he's always fixated on his birthday, we were once again discussing it today. He said, "when am I going to stop having birthdays?" I told him never...that you have birthdays forever. He said (with a very irritated tone in his voice), "but I don't want to have them forever. I will get sick of them!" To which I said, "but everyone has birthdays every year. Even Nana and Papa still have birthdays. You have birthdays for as long as you are alive. Until you die." He looked at me and then said, "WHY DID YOU SAY I AM GOING TO DIE!? DON'T SAY THAT!"
Geez Louise.

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