Monday, April 02, 2007

Misc Babble

Elliott pooped on the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Saturday night and he did it unprompted. Of course, he hasn't done it again since then, but I hope its a start of something. He really wants to wear his Lightning McQueen and Spidey underpants, so we'll see.

When I ask Norah if she wants to poop on the potty too, she answers with a, "not meeee." as if she's telling me she doesn't want butter on her toast or waffles for breakfast.

Right now, Norah's really into identifying boys/girls and the whole brother-sister relationship. She often tells me, "2 girls, mommy. 1, 2", pointing to herself and me. And then, "3 boys. 2 brothers. 1, 2." Sometimes she'll tell me I am her sister, but usually she says she's a little sister and a little girl. Very cute.


Woman who knits said...

Yeah Elliott!! I hope this is a pattern of good pooping!! Don't they know it get's old to us to change those things????

Anne said...

Wait until you try explaining that Grandma/Grandpa is your mother/father as well - I could practically see the smoke coming from Caroline's ears while she puzzled that one out!