Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Number Grids

Everyday Math. It seems like a great curriculum. However, its so not the way I learned math. As if its not difficult enough to help your child with their homework, a foreign way to learn something is thrown into the mix (foreign, as in alien and not natural to me).

Yesterday I was trying to help Aidan do some homework that involved getting an answer via a number grid. He was doing it incorrectly, so he was arguing with me that because the grid said that the answer was 19, that's what it (37-19) was. I was telling him that he was doing it wrong, because that was not the answer. We finally figured it out, but shiiiiiiiiiit. Number grids, fact triangles, name collection boxes, & function machines.... its like I am learning math all over again. As if it was not bad enough the first time around!

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beckley said...

okay. now i'm terrifed.