Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today Norah went on a playdate, so Elliott and I snatched up the opportunity to go on a lunch date. We chose Alterra, where we could eat outside on a gorgeous, 85 degree day. He was thrilled to share a lemonade with me...such a treat. When we came home, we filled up a small pool and he played in it while I worked in the yard, and we talked to each other. It was perfect. He is such a sweet little boy. Just wonderful. Yet things change when you get him around his siblings and I am still trying to figure that one out.
He and his sister love each other and share an incredible bond. However, if you stick a friend in there, Norah decides to cast Elliott to the side and often even resorts to name calling. I am guessing this is one of the things that causes him to act up at other times.

When Elliott has his feelings hurt, he's recently taken to saying, "That hurts my heart. It makes me sad, and it makes God sad."


Speaking of God's feelings, Elliott's been quite concerned about making God sad lately. Everything from people smoking to litter me putting one of the kids in a time out to not letting him have what he wants. (God is sad when I don't give him ice cream. Don't you know? No dice.)



beckley said...

i love elliott. he is so SWEET- through and through.

so glad you had that special time.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

It sounds like a good day with E. Little boys can be so sweet and caring.

~ Sarah