Friday, July 28, 2006

...of doodles, sandwiches, and safety man!

I can't believe it! He wrote his name!!! WOO HOO! We've been working on it for a year now and he's had either no desire to even try, or he's demanded "help" (which essentially means that mommy is doing it for him). But not today. Today we were driving in the car and Aidan decided that this was the time to write his name on his magnadoodle.
Could I *be* any more proud?

Last night, Norah did her usual (what we like to call) "pean-o-clock-howl" at 11pm. I went up to soothe her, and Elliott started thrashing and screaming, "i need sandwich! i need milk! i need sandwich!" Upon closer inspection, I realized he was still sleeping and talking in his sleep. And boooooy was he angry!!!! It was a tad difficult to soothe him because I was laughing my ass off at him. Who knew that was what 2 year olds dreamed about? Not I.

A week ago, Aidan completed his "Safety Town" course that was 2 weeks long. To say he learned a lot is an understatement. The boy absorbed every ounce of information they dished out in there (except the part about not bothering mommy when she's driving the car. That was pretty far fetched). He's currently obsessed with matches and when will he be old enough to touch them (answer=never) and poisons: identifying them, labeling them with Mr. Yuk, and asking what will happen if we eat x or y. To say we've got our $56 worth out of this course is an understatement. But now I think the boy needs a lesson on money. Because he commented that if our house burns down, he can "just take some money from his piggy bank to build a new one. But not all my money. Just a little." Yeah...that whole $5 is going to go a long way, babe.

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