Tuesday, September 22, 2009


playroom disaster
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I started the playroom purge today. Only to realize how long of a process this is going to be and how overwhelming it is. The closet was being used as a utility closet, but now that it houses other things, where do I go w/ the other stuff? I have to find a home for that. And other toys and books? They need to go into the kids rooms. But not before I purge in there and find space for them. Other larger objects need to go into the rec room, which also needs to be purged first.
Lesson learned? Guess I should have started w/ everything *but* the playroom first. Yikes.

And the playroom? Shelves and molding need to be torn down and the walls painted. Oh - and who installs a window sideways? WTH? I found that out when they were painted this summer.

I've got my work cut out for me.

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beckley said...

I'll tell you who installs windows sideways: EVERYONE IN HOUSTON!!!

yeah, our whole house there had sideways windows. Not the easiest to get a window fan in.

maybe once i get my house organized a little, i can help you purge and then you can help me do the same for a day or so. Doesn't it just take forever dragging things out and such? forever.

but it'll be great when it's done, right? (i keep telling myself...) :)