Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Homemade Gift....EVER!

I've gotta get on this train more often from now on. Much more fun. Much more inexpensive. This is the first hommade gift (christmas or otherwise, I think?) that I've/we've given the kids, aside from the wand that I made for Norah for valentines day (I don't think I ever posted my photos, but this is the tutorial I followed, for the most part).

I credit
Heather with this idea. So thanks, Heather :) It turned out cute!


beckley said...

ooooooooooooo, i loooove it. i meant to do one of those this summer, but didn't. maybe i'll do it for valentine's day or something...GREAT idea! and it looks adorable!!!

heather said...

i love this!! hope the kids loved it as much as mine did! i think they would honestly be happy with no gifts but lots of date days! :-) yours came out SUPER cute! and i like robyn's idea of a valentine's mini one too...maybe i'll have to make one again!