Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Help with paint color!

This weekend, we painted our upstairs hallway Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue. (the photo I am linking to is a pretty accurate representation of how ours looks).
I really like it - it makes the hall, which has always felt like a cave, more airy and bright. However, because its got a hint of green hue in the blue, it could be construed as an old person's color (ie: the color you'd find in a retirement home in florida )
Its a color I see popping up more and more. But I've never done 'beachy' before. I see lots of this kind of blue, accented with golds and greens, or browns. We'll be painting the trim a white this weekend. But other than that, I don't know WTH to do. The hall is long, so I have lots of room to hang photo frames (which I have a TON of, and was planning on spraypainting all the same color). I also have room for 1 or 2 tables or smaller dressers in the hall upstairs, which I am on the hunt for. I'd like to find somehting I can paint.

WWYD with this color???


heather said...

That's a tough one! I like it with a darker brown or dark cherry, but you're trying not to darken up the hall again! White is nice, but you're right...kind of gives a beachy vibe. I was going to say that you should try a contrasting bright color, but it's almost too soft/pastel for that. hmmm...

beckley said...

creepy is that i saw the name, "palladian blue" and knew what color it was. why? because i have moved too much and memorized the paint deck. ugh.

you could always put white frames, but fill some with fabric or paper that have designs that are NOT beachy- maybe strong graphics in chocolate and white/ barely cream. Or sea shells. kidding. =)

i've seen some red and orange paired nicely with aqua. not agua. aqua. -)

pretty. glad you got that done! i'm ready to finish mine off!