Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Latelies

There's this awesome blogging thing that takes place on, yes, Thursdays, and it was started by Bex (of Bex, A Style Diary).  I am intrigued. However, I am not quite ready to expose my voice to the internets. Man, I loathe my voice.
So can I participate by just talking up my Thursday Lately list?  If I actually get some readers/comments, I will dive in and vlog next week (yikes!)

The first few things I am loving right now is cheap makeup from Target!
In years past, I've mainly been a department store makeup kind of gal.  But in trying to reduce my budget so I can spend it elsewhere, I hit up Target's new-ish designer line.

So this first product is this NP Set eyeliner from Target in Mexico City Brown. It glides on so easy and the other end has a sponge so you can smudge it, which is does super well.  I think I paid $11 for it.
Source: via Karri on Pinterest

This next one is cheap nail polish! Woot! I don't polish my fingers. Ever since I can recall, I have been cursed with thin nails that split and break. So I keep them short and clean. But my toes are another story. Since they are toes, I don't find it necessary to splurge on Essie, OPI, or Nicole (unless I get a pedi and fall in love with the color).  This is one of my new favorite colors- Cloud 9.

I am absolutely in LOVE with Kenra's Platinum line! Hair products are one area that I do splurge on, especially when my hair is colored (vs. highlighted).  Roughly a year or so ago, when I was blonde, I tried Burt's Bees and fell in love with sulfate/paraben free shampoo.  But after I went brunette, I had to find a color shampoo, since this is not my natural color. Low and behold...Kenra.
{I get the Platinum shampoo for fine/thin hair}
{and the Platinum Botanical Conditioner for fine/thin hair. because weightless hair tangles like a b*tch.}

And for those days that I am not leaving the house except to cart my kids around (like today. a rainy day), I love the dry shampoo. I can still look good, but not have to put all the effort into the wash/dry/flat iron routine.  Prior to this, I was doomed, because my hair is so thin that instantly in the a.m. I was like an oil slick.
And I finish everything up with the hairspray... #25. Love it. Its light, yet creates texture and volume. And if I comb through, there's no evidence of it except volume.
My final Thursday Lately product is Crystal Light Pure.  Aside from coffee in the a.m., I only drink water during the day,  so sometimes, I like to mix it up...a LaCroix here, water with cucumber or lemon there....  That's what lead me to buying this. And no aspartame. Holla!  The flavor is very light. Not at all like lemonade.


Trish said...

I think your voice is just fine :) I haven't heard of the Crystal Light Pure, but it sounds like something I must try. I am trying really, really hard to cut Coca Cola out of my life and water just doesn't cut it, so that may help me. :)

Nicole said...

I will have to try that Crystal Light Pure. I drink coffee in the morning and then it's water all day too! Thanks for sharing.

bex said...

I'm so glad you decide to share your sweet joys with us and link up this week!
I'm sure your voice is lovely but i enjoyed reading about everything just the same.
i am very excited to see that crystal light has a "pure" line out now! I too am artificial sweetener phobic and desire a quick flavored drink from time to time. its good to know that its out there.


Eisley Rae Clothing said...

I think your voice is nice! You should totally vlog, Karri! I've done the same recently with makeup. But, I'm buying Sephora's brand and loving it. Still less money than what I was spending before. yay for Crystal Light Pure. Yummy!!

Savvy in San Francisco said...

I am pregnant with my third and I have been having a serious lemonade and/or arnold palmer craving. I looked at the crystal light lemonade box the other day and I couldn't do it because of all the artificial sweetner (feel like it makes my head feel funny). I will definitely have to try it. I also just heard that Target is now carrying Essie nail polish (so hopefully cheaper there).

Shelly said...

I want to see you on Thurday Lately tomorrow!! It's so fun...promise :)


PS I LOVE Target makeup, especially the nail polish!