Monday, October 16, 2006

Growing Up

Oh how I was so not ready for this. I hate potty humor. Hate it. I didn't think it would enter our house this early. Yet here it is, live and in the flesh, streaming loudly from my son's animated mouth. So *this* is what he's learning at school? How to substitute the words "poop" , "butt", "testicle" and "pee" into songs, rhymes, and sentences so that he (thinks he) sounds funny? This is truly something I can live without.

On the flip side, it seems like he's old enough to start using as slave labor. Is that a bad thing? He's enjoying it, really, he is. He loved talking about how only boys can paint and how boys are strong and how he needed to help paint his sister's room. While I was happy to see him excited to roll up his sleeves and pitch in, I am not quite sure how to handle the 'boy' comment. That ain't gonna fly in this household.

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