Monday, October 23, 2006

Inheriting daddy's sweet tooth

They're into everything these days. Just yesterday, I was downstairs changing the laundry and came back up to the dining room to find that Norah and Elliott had pulled Elliott's chair over to the buffet and climbed up and gotten their hands into the thing of jellybeans.

Additionally, I was gone yesterday and daddy was outside putting the storm windows on the house and came in to discover that the kids had found the suckers that I use to bribe them. He figured Aidan ate at least 3 and Norah and Elliott 2 each. Yikes.

This morning, I was in the shower and it was way too quiet. I came out and found Norah and Elliott digging in my purse, hastily shoving their hands in their mouths. Apparently they found the open bag of PB M&Ms that were in there.

Left to their own devices, they sure can get into stuff.

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