Monday, January 22, 2007

Now What?

Little girls need to come with hair instructions. I've always wanted my girl to have long hair, just like I did as a little girl (before my mom let me get that wretched shag cut and then permed it back in the 80's). However, I don't remember it being this hard to manage! I should have figured as much, given that I cut my hair off every time it gets long.
But here we are...she's finally got it long enough so that I can put it in pig tails, a pony, braids, or even a french braid. And she doesn't want it cut. She'll even sit for me, if the mood is right. But 80% of the time, it looks like a scraggly mess. So do I go against the wishes of a 3 year old (does she really care?) and get a nice, chin length bob? Or do I just go with the flow and hope that once winter is over, it looks better? But then we enter popscicle season. Oh joy.


Anne said...

Go with the flow - as my own little girl is living proof of, no matter how much hair they have, it's still VERY fine and is going to escape whatever style you put it in. Do the best you can, invest in some small barrettes to pin up the "fuzzy bits" (as C calls them), and remember these days when she won't want you near her hair at all!

Lynn said...

Val's getting a bob this weekend. :D
I know what you mean, it's a pain to keep up with it.
Oh and since you don't work and I don't work are you up for playdate!? :)