Friday, January 05, 2007

Surprising us every day

Aidan dug out this 550 piece puzzle and wanted to do it. Surprisingly, he did most of it himself, with the help of daddy and his uncle Ry, sorting pieces for him. Actually, Uncle Ry did some of it when Aidan went to bed one night and Aid got pissed off and took it apart and commented that adults weren't supposed to do that!!

So after this masterpiece was completed, we figured it was time to step things up. We bought him his first 200 piece puzzle. Crap. That was Tuesday. He had that thing completed in no time and has done it about 8 times since then! Maybe we need 250 pcs? A More difficult design?

And then there are my little Twinadoes. They surprised the hell out of me. They had their first dentist appt. this week and they handled it beautifully!!!!

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