Monday, February 05, 2007

Eidetic Memory...or.....?

Aidan can, at times, amaze the crap out of me.
For instance, in December, with some adult help, he completed a 550 piece puzzle over the course of several days. If that wasn't impressive enough, he got out that same puzzle this weekend and over 48 hours, did the puzzle himself. With no help whatsoever.
Ok. That's 550 pieces. I am 33 and I have issues doing puzzles that large. To me, that is just amazing. But Aidan....once he does something like that once, its like he stores it in his brain and can whip it out again and again, quick as ever.

The other day he said to me, "mommy, how come Norah took that little baby kitty that I got from Old McDonalds when I went there with Grandma ****?" I said, "you mean that little grey one that she calls baby kitty?" and he said, "yeah. I got that when I went there before Norah was borned."
I just about had to pick my jaw up off the floor.
Aidan was only 20 months old when the twins were born. And he remembers details like that??!?! Damn.

So then why can't he learn his alphabet? He has had no issue memorizing it. But recognizing it out of context is another story. And why does he have the patience to do a 550 piece puzzle, but he doesn't pay attention at soccer? And his teacher wonders about if he's 'all there' at times?

I just signed off on the final piece of paper, so it shouldn't be long before we have an appointment for his evaluation w/ the school district to see if he may have some sort of learning issue.


Woman who knits said...

The reason she's wondering if he's "all there" is because he's apparently downloading memories when she's teaching the boring stuff.

Maybe he'll be a Pulitzer Prize winning biographer with that memory!!!

eStass said...

I don't think there is anything to worry about. What he does is amazing! Interesting how different the brain can vary from kid to kid. Saxon could identify all the letters at 20 months but surely couldn't remember something like Aiden does about that time.
Good luck with the eval nonetheless.

Anne said...

I thought of you the other day when I bought Caroline a 60-piece puzzle now that she has FINALLY gotten up enough bravery to move past the 24 piecers. And yet she knew the entire alphabet at 18 months old. Aidan is obviously not stupid by any means, he just has other interests to focus on right now. If he's not reading when he's 12, but designing his own jillion-piece puzzles, then it's time to worry!