Saturday, February 24, 2007

Potty Progress

I really had no plans to tackle the potty thing w/ the twins until spring or summer, but Elliott is doing really well. Over the past 4 days, he's done better each day. He's gone several times a day, and each time he's sat on it, he's produced. Today, he asked to sit on it twice and produced! And its only 9:30 am! Of course, I am using a mini MnM as a reward, which is kinda against my philosophy, but if it works, I guess that's ok.

Norah decided she didn't want to have a repeat performance after her first hurrah, but then after seeing Elliott get all these props, she's produced twice in the last 12 hours. So maybe the pressure is getting to her, as well.

Now if we could just tackle the poop. Ugh.

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