Monday, March 23, 2009


That would be Where Would Jesus Hang... As in hang out. In our house.

The dude's name has been coming up in some funny contexts in our house as of recent. The last one being, "Ellie's got Jesus in his mouth!!!"

That comment referred to this tiny gold baby. Probably totally coated in lead. It was the baby from our King Cake that we had during Mardi Gras. And that whole ordeal was pretty funny itself. Before we cut into the cake, Chris read the story on the side of the box to the kids and then explained that the baby in the cake represented baby Jesus. Elliott was so perplexed during the reading. He solmnely stated, "But baby Jesus* is dead." about halfway through the explination. We giggled and went on. At the end, he said, "If baby Jesus is dead, how can he be in our cake?" He just couldn't grasp the concept of representation. Then of course, all the kids were screaming, "I WANT TO FIND BABY JESUS!" And then when we did, they were all, "No fair! Aidan found Jesus! and you cut his foot!" (oops. I accidentally ran into him with the knife when I was cutting).

*The whole 'baby Jesus' kept reminding me of Talladega Nights. "Look, I like the Christmas Jesus best, and I'm sayin' grace. When you say grace, you can say it to Grownup Jesus or Teenage Jesus or Bearded Jesus or whoever you want."

Speaking of finding Jesus, a month or two ago, I was in Marshall's/Home Goods with the kids, perusing the home decor aisles. I was one aisle over when I heard Norah scream (yes, scream), "MOM! I found Jesus!!!!"

Some heads turned. I went over to her and sure enough, it was a porcelin statue of Mary holding baby Jesus. Of course, Elliott had to chime in on how it was BABY Jesus.

And finally, we were at Bartz's party store last week, trying to find sock hop accessories. We passed the Easter aisle and they stopped and exclaimed, "Look! Its the Easter Bunny! And Jesus!" Yup. Costumes. The discussion continued about how the Jesus costume looked silly because of the long hair.

5 year olds. Gotta love them.

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beckley said...

okay, seriously- i can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a blog!

i love your kids. they are *so fun*!