Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tenacious N

I took the kids to get their H1N1 booster today. I knew that they'd have a crap day if I told them ahead of time, so I didn't tell them till I pulled into the parking lot, quickly adding, "but when we get home, you can make ice cream sundaes!"

Elliott was crying before we even got out of the car. But that was nothing.

We sat down to get the shots (the kids, not me). There was another firefighter/EMT there that was administering shots who, from across the room, said, "Hey! I remember you!" (from the last time). Yes - it was because my kids screamed and fought so loud last time.

Aidan was super brave for his shot. Elliott cried, but then put on a brave face as best he could. Then came Norah. Oh dear. That girl is powerful. She fought so awfully that I had to hold her on my lap and hold her in a hug while 2 other nurses helped me hold her down/still and a fireman administered the shot. She still was thrashing (and screaming. OH! the screaming) through all that. She's fights a good fight, that's for sure.

One thing I know for sure....Norah's got some will. And she can handle herself.


heather said...

wow! that does not sound like fun! but you will never have to worry about norah holding her own in life right? :-)

beckley said...

i might have mentioned this before, but i do like that norah. she's got game, and she came to play.

the three of your kids are such an incredibly sweet and fabulous combination. i just love them.