Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Easy Baking!

Today I finally pulled out the Easy Bake Oven that I got from our neighbor years ago. Truthfully, I had forgot all about it because I had put it away for a future gifting opportunity (used? who cares. they're my kids!). I had bought some mix on sale a few weeks ago, and Norah's been begging since she discovered the oven, so I cleaned it out, changed the bulb, and we were good to go! The kids loved it. I think it tastes vile, personally. But whatev.

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C.kuhl said...

i didnt realize you had a blog. i
think i may be the last human on
the planet not to have one myself.
you are going on my fav's list. Feel the honor?????
whats your name on 2peas? do you
have any goodies posted there???
why do i keep using so much
punctuation????? I DON'T KNOW!!!??

Cindy Kuhl (im leaving my full name because i cant remember my google log in.)