Monday, June 01, 2009

More Noteables....

On the way home from N&E's gymnastics class today, Aidan told me that he wants to be a school teacher when he grows up. He went on to ask if there are any boy teachers (his school is female dominated). I told him yes, and went on to tell him which of my elementary teachers were men, and he said, "Oh good. I want to be a teacher because you get treats for everyone's birthdays. Not just your students, but from old students, too."

Aim high my son. Aim high.

Tonight's dinner conversation was focused on baseball and Norah said, "We like the Red Socks, right Aidan and Daddy?" Aidan said, "Yeah. We like the Brewers and Red Socks. They rock." And then Norah says, "The White Socks stink!". Elliott says, "And the Blue Socks stink! We don't like them!"

Who knew.

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