Friday, November 13, 2009

Something I will continually remind her about...

A recent conversation between Norah and myself...

N: "mommy, when you had your babies come out of your belly, did it hurt?"
Me: "no. the doctor gave me medicine"
N: "what did they do about the hole in your belly?"
Me: "they sewed me up!"
N: [thinks real hard and responds seriously] "i don't want a baby in my belly when i grow up"
Me: "well, babies can come out other ways. not just from cutting your belly."
N: "how?"
Me: "you'll learn all about that when you are older"
N: "mama, please tell me, just tell me."
Me: "no, honey"
N: "its ok, you can tell me"
Me: [deep breath and then I tell her]
N: [laughs] "you're just kiddin'!!"
Me: "no, honey, I am not."
N: [says very quietly and seriously and wide eyed] "mama, i don't want a baby. ever"

Then today...
Elliott: [complaining about Norah getting to stay home from school and play on the computer] "I wish I was Norah"
N: [very seriously with big eyes] No you don't. Then you'd have to get a baby out of your belly. They cut you. And sew you up. Or it can come out of your 'china.

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beckley said...

needed that.

i love them.