Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I threw a 6th birthday part for Norah and Elliott. I got some bug up my bum that energized me to throw one at home...for both kids...16 guests. And it was a rainy day. Thankfully, everything went fine. A little chaotic at times, but fine. The kids seemed to have fun! I tried to keep the boys and girls separated for most games/crafts, and rotated them through games/crafts. We painted pumpkins, decorated cookies, did a freeze dance, played a pumpkin roll race, and played hot pumpkin (like hot potato). Oh, and each did a scavenger hunt - the boys hunted for bones to put back together a skeleton, and the girls hunted for the black cats hiding from the witch. Each bone/cat had a hint that led them to the next.

Thank you to Robyn for taking the birthday party shots for me. If she hadn't offered, then I would not have had a single shot because I was so busy! And thank you to Kelly for helping me. I could not have run the show myself.


beckley said...

2 things-
1) you forgot to mention you're in a very small club of women who can dress up as the "hot mom hosting the bday party" in a black top and leggings :)
2) does this mean i can post that picture of the sam adams box, because i really need to post that and laugh :)

Karri said...

1) You are too kind :)
2) Crap! I need to credit you for photos. Yes, you can. Its funny.