Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Girls Trip!

whistling at pigeons on State Street
On Saturday, Norah and I took a day trip to Chicago to enjoy a few hours at American Girl. She's been looking forward to this for a year now. She carefully chose her girl*, her cat she wanted to get with her gift card, and all the accessories she wanted. We also had her photo taken with her girl and cat in the photo studio and ended the day with a 4pm tea time. What a splendid girly day!!!!

*When she first expressed interest in an AG, she wanted Kirsten. However, Kirsten was retired in 2009. Then she chose Josephina, but after reading 2 books, she decided that perhaps, that wasn't her first choice. She chose Lanie, who is the girl of the year and a lover of the outdoors and animals, because Norah loves animals.

My girl and her girl at tea

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