Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Woah. Seven?

Its really hard to believe. Seven? Seven years have passed since these babies were trying their hardest to get out of my big ole' belly? Yep, sho nuff.

3am-ish this morning, Elliott came into our room, breathing heavy, waiting for me to acknowledge him, and then said, "I hafta puke." Well by all means!! In the midst of him emptying his dinner, he said, "I...I fink.....I don't fink I can go to school to-mow-woah." Poor pumpkin.

They blew out candles in their requested birthday breakfast of cinnamon rolls (poor Ellie hasn't had his) and then Norah got ready for school.

Its funny...just in the past 6 months or so, they sure have their own style. Elliott with his mohawk....

Norah with her accessories du jour (bracelets, headbands worn 80's style, crazy knee socks, non-matching shirts and bottoms, funky shoes)...

And her recent disdain for him :( Although if they are separated for the day, she misses him like crazy and can't wait to see "Ellie". Go figure.
can you see her leaning away from him? the "don't touch me!" look in her face? ugh.

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heather said...

Happy Birthday guys! Hope Elliott is feeling better! No fun to be sick on your special day!!