Monday, February 22, 2010

Git R Dun!

Paint. Thankfully, 7 year old paint still works once you shake it up! And much to my relief (huge sigh of relief) my walls were not sun faded, so the touch-ups I did don't stand out like a sore thumb. It looks so much nicer. Why didn't I do this sooner?
(here is my plug for Purdy brushes. they are the only brush to buy. don't mess with the cheap ones)

Today I tackle the arches. That will probably be all I have time for after yoga and a run and laundry (the story of my life).

Yesterday I took a field trip to Goodwill. Its not something I do often, because until very recently, there wasn't one that was convienent. Now there is a brand new one next to my brand new Target. Anyway, I also prefer St. Vincent de Paul - they seem to have much lower prices.

I wasn't terribly impressed with what they had, but of course, they don't have much control over that. What they do have control over is price. Sheesh - some things were quite overpriced. I did get a bunch of cute h'ween and v'tine decorations for $.49. Score. I got some 11x14 photo frames to paint. But they were $5 each. I thought that was kind of high. My happiest score was the christmas ornaments, for $.49/box of 15 (I got several). I can make a wreath next year!

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heather said...

Good luck with all that today! I am becoming inspired by your HGTV ways! maybe i'll finally finish painting my kitchen! :-)