Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beware....spray paint

I've discovered spray paint. I 've used it before, but I didn't quite master the method until recently. And I am on a rampage, I tell you! No photos yet...I am busy planning a birthday party. Right now, I've had to keep it to photo frames and other small items. However, I have a small night stand/phone stand in the wings waiting for some green, I think, and low and behold, I actually have this chair! Mine was not orangey-red with leopard print, but its that chair. It was my grandma's dining chair (not sure where the others went?), and its in my craft room now and it could use a cute-overhaul. So once the weather is nice and I can take my spray paint outside, I will find me a color I like and a scrap of fabric to reupholster and make myself a new chair!!!

Speaking of reupholstering, I ordered my fabric. Gulp. So there's no going back. And even with a 50% off sale (gotta love that), I was still in for a lovely $100ish. I better not mess up.

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heather said...

Okay and when that spray painting outside time happens, I'm coming over for a tutorial! There are so many things I'd love to give a spray paint overhaul to, but I definitely do not have the method down!