Monday, March 01, 2010


Arches painted. Check.
Walls touched up. Check.
Frames spray painted. Check.
Fabric ordered for dining room chairs. Check.

I still have to tackle the doors. Bathroom and upstairs kids rooms. Does anyone recall seeing the blogger who posted her 2-toned panel doors? I wish I had bookmarked it. Gah.

I hate those louvered closet doors. I hate that closet. It needs an overhaul. Anyway, I did these. Not sure what I think of them.

I hung some photos that I took. I have one of Jackson Square cathedral that goes w/ this one, but I didn't have it matted yet.

(yeah yeah. bad photos of photos)


beckley said...

i LOOOOVE them!!!!!! all of them!

and yes, i have those closet doors, too. i dream of finding something old bungalow perfect at the restore. or, in the least, painting them white.

nic pics- they look awesome!

Trish said...

Love it! I also have those hated closet doors and need to, at least, paint mine white. I hate dusting them!!