Saturday, March 06, 2010

My baby is eight!

Aidan turned 8!!! He had a baseball themed party and got his first skateboard & had his first sleepover! He even chose not to get gifts and asked for donations for the amur tiger cubs at our zoo. He's growing up!!!

Edited to add: I forgot that you can't see my comments on flickr when I add a slideshow. So.... at the table, there was an armpit noise demonstration, several kids were in awe, and then followed suite. Very "boy". Ugh.
They loved the games, but boy oh boy was it LOUD and chaotic. Very. VERY.
Oh, and of course, pre-party...we gave him a skateboard for his birthday :) He's been asking for one for years, and we always said when he's 8. Well, I guess that time finally came. He got a super cool helmet from his great-grandma, too. I am holding off on kneepads.... for now.


heather said...

Love the photos! Looks like an amazing day and party! Hope Mom and Dad got a little sleep in today (trade off naptime?). And EJ is asking for donations for the tiger cubs too (she's having a tiger party...she's the anti-girlie girl!). :-)

beckley said...

A) A Skateboard? That is TOTALLY the coolest. I can't wait for skateboarding!!!

B) Fantastic party. LOVE it. YOU are like totally da coolest!

C) Aidan Rocks.