Monday, March 15, 2010

Buffet Help!

And I don't mean the edible kind. This girl needs some serious decorator help.
A few weeks ago, I yanked down everything that was up on our buffet in the DR and had an idea for lamps. I went out and found these at Kirklands, but they just don't do it for me.
Do I need something more candlestick like (smaller)?
Do I need an uplight-type fixture like that or this?
What do I put in the middle w/ the lights there? Do I leave it naked?
Or do I just skip the lights all together and do something else up there?? Something tall on the sides, but different on each side? And something in the middle?

Two things to keep in mind:
1) This area is a catch-all for my wonderful husband. I hate that he loves to pile carp here and I need to stop that!!
2) Our home is mainly mission style/craftsman-ish.


beckley said...

first of all, i can't believe he would pile stuff there.
(heheehehhe. enter: where I put ALL my stuff :)

second, pull back and post a pic from farther back. i think the key is the overall shape with the arches, etc. i think you might actually want something that tapers from top down, vs pointing up, since the shape already tapers down there... maybe. see what people see.

i'm about to start piling tale rectangles of glass or pottery on my fireplace and buffet, but haven't decided which :)

Trish said...

I agree. I need to see the whole piece, but from what I can see I love it!