Sunday, March 07, 2010

On Saturday I had some time and got a chance to organize hundreds of photos and start putting some into an album. Yay - baby steps! (prior to this, all I've done is my scrapbooks)
Tonight, I sat down with the kids and we flipped through the album. We passed several nursing photos without any comment. However, we got to one where the twins were tandem. And Norah stopped my page flipping and says, "what's THAT?!" and Aidan started giggling. I said, "you don't know what that is?" Norah said, "No. What is it?" Aidan said, "they're sucking your KNEES!" [giggle giggle]. I said, ''noooo." This is when daddy chimed in and informed them that they were nursing from mama ... that's how babies get milk. And Norah says, "gross!" (wth?!) and I said, "that's not gross. that's life." Aidan says, "yeah. like a cow. they're on your nipples just like a cow!"



beckley said...

belle told me recently i am "like a cow!"
an excited exclamation.

"yes, mommy. you fed me like a cow!"


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Oh nooooooooo!!! :( I would be so upset!

~ Sarah

Trish said...

Out of the mouths of babes :) Someday, they will get it ;)

Karri said...

Well, I took it and hopefully they'll learn from it. I've talked about how all mammals feed their babies, so yeah - I am like a cow. But other mammals are also like me. And how we shouldn't say things like that in a derogatory sense, either. Maybe someday I will tie it all into why cow (and other animal) milk grosses me out, but I am not entirely certain I want/need to go there w/ them.