Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buffet Help pt II

Requested photos....

The buffet (with the lamps I returned)
*side note: should I paint that inside area arch (the 'ceiling', if you will) the ceiling color? Or the cream of the arches that separate the rooms?*


Tall grasses?

Vase w/ tall berries?

Smaller uplight lamps?

Something else?
What else....


Trish said...

What color is your ceiling? I like the idea of painting that area to make it "pop" more. I also like the smaller lamps uplight lamps. For some reason, I just don't like the idea of anything "taller" in that space? Not sure why, but I just don't. ;)

Lynn H said...

I think if you put the smaller uplighting lamps there it will give it more ooomph and then you won't have to paint. Again. ;)

Trish said...

What did you decide?

Claudine said...

Hi! I got to you from Robyn's blog...and visit every once in awhile.

What a beautiful built-in this is!

This comment may be way past any decorating you have done...but I too like the small up-lamps (they will have the benefit of reflecting on the mirrors as well.

I don't necessarily see anything "tallish" on the buffet, but you could put neat very colorful paintings hanging on the wall above it...I think that takes care of filling up that space.

Also, was there originally a hanging light above it -- it is hard to tell from the picture what used to be there ...

I send this with the full sympathy about the dumping ground -- it is our pile place in our home too -- of which I have done several blog posts about!!

Best to you!