Monday, March 01, 2010

I hate you! ... and cake.

"I hate Mommy!" "I want my daddy!"
I just heard those words coming from upstairs. I had recently scolded Elliott for throwing a football in the living room and knocking down a photo. Dang, they cut through you.

In happier news, Aidan is about to turn 8. EIGHT!

We had a party for family this past Sunday. I had grand visions for his cake. I made a vanilla buttermilk cake and a swiss buttercream frosting, both from Smitten Kitchen. I did the cake like a rainbow cake, but only with blue and gold, for the Brewers. I was going to do the classic Brewers symbol, but apparently, you can't color swiss buttercream the same way you do other frostings. Perhaps its the fact that its made from almost a pound of butter and barely any sugar? (oh, my arteries! but its soooo good.). So my blue? Yeah...purple. All he got was an outline. I had a tub of Duncan Hines in the cupboard, so I broke that open and put some yellow dye in it to make it look a little better (but I wasn't going to color it in w/ Duncan Hines dyed blue. That would taint the flavor of this heavenly buttercream).
He was happy. That's all that matters.
His party with his friends this coming Friday? That will be a box mix and canned frosting, though. And baseball cupcakes. None of this hours of baking stuff.

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beckley said...

he is sooooo cute.

and i'm not a cake person, either- give me a cookie any day- but i want to make that cake. it sounds fantastic!!!