Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you have a picky eater?

I was relaying a story to my husband last night and it involved telling him what Bean requested for dinner last night. She wanted a salad. This salad was huge...a large soup bowl. And it had on it, a hard boiled egg, black beans, peas, carrot, tomato, and cucumber. He said, "You have to knock that off and feed her normal stuff. She needs more protein. She's starting to become such a picky eater!"
I think I had to pick my jaw up off the floor before I responded to him.
A picky eater?
Huh? More protein? What exactly is the egg and legume then?
What, dare I ask, am I supposed to feed her? Should I instead force her to eat "kid foods"? I am so proud that she is such an adventerous eater. I am so happy that I can take my kids to dinner and Elliott requests catfish instead of anything off the kids menu. Don't get me wrong...they like the occasional macaroni and cheese or french fry (not Aidan. he doesn't like fries), but hands down, they prefer tasteful food over anything else. Ask them what their favorite food is, and among the ones they list, Elliott will tell you pot pie and Norah will tell you gnocchi and Aidan will say crab (the *real* kind from New Orleans, not the imitation crab.)


heather said...

Seriously not picky AT ALL!! That is awesome!!

I have one VERY picky eater and one who will eat anything (never met a food she didn't like) and it is SO hard!!!

Kristen Fillie said...

Yeah, picky. Cuz only the pickiest kids eat SALAD. lol