Sunday, February 14, 2010

Norah's Hospital Adventure

On Thursday after school, Norah said she had a tummy ache. I asked if she felt like she was going to puke, and she said no. About 30-60 sec. later, she said, "maybe I will puke." And so it began. And did not stop for 48 hours. Poor bean. She couldn't even lick an ice cube made of pedialyte without losing it. She had nothing left and was still wretching :(
On Saturday, when she walked toward me and staggered and started to fall, I knew it was time to take her in. So off to CHW we went.
It wasn't a pleasant experience for her to get an IV. The first attempt didn't take because she was so dehydrated. She screamed things like, "that huuuurts sooo bad!" and, "why are you doing that to me?" and, "please stop hurting me. why are you hurting me?" It was awful. Torture.
But as you can see, it worked wonders. This is her right after the IV cocktail was started...
and about 40 minutes into it...a totally different kid.


beckley said...

poor little n, but GREAT job, norah!!!! you did a GREAT job!

thank goodness for hospitals when we need them.

heather said...

Oh my goodness! That poor little girl! She just looks miserable in that before pic! Glad she's on the mend!