Monday, August 07, 2006

The Age of Independence

And we're off...
Norah is insisting on picking out her own hairbow, her own outfit (often a pink dress, a blue dress, or a combination of pink and blue), and always, always the pink shoes. I think we're going to have to get many styles of pink shoes for fall.
Her most recent thing is putting her shoes on herself. She asks, "right feet?" and holds out her sandals, pairing one with each foot. She'll then slowly and methodically put them on, including threading the strap through the thingey and velcroing it shut. If we're in a hurry and I try to help her along, I get an emphatic, "I DO IT! I DO IT!" Crap. I guess I have to learn to give myself extra time now. Between her independence and Aidan's dawdling....
The independence is a new thing for me. Aidan never really got into it. Maybe its because he's a boy? Maybe its just his personality? He's just now picking out his own clothes, and that is because I ask him to. Needless to say, if it doesn't match, I don't send him back. I have to encourage every ounce of independence I get from that kid :)

On another totally separate note, Norah had a followup appt at the GI Clinic today at Children's. Her weight and height are both up....1# and 1"! Holy man! My girl had a massive growth spurt!

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