Monday, August 28, 2006

Parenting Woes

Isis, Great Goddess, oh Mother, save me....I am turning into my parents.

As I was driving the car today, I could hear my children bickering behind me. I glanced long enough in the rearview mirror to see Aidan purposefully irritating Elliott, who was whining and screeching. And Norah was back there, screaming for me to, "no! go DAT WAY! NO DAT WAY!" and Elliott, in betwixt whines, would contradict his sister for the hell of it, and say, "no, Norah, NOT dat, way, DAT WAY! "

I immediately had a flashback to my youth, when my brothers and I would provoke each other and my dad would scream, "do you want me to pull this car over to the side of the road..." It took all of my might not to say a damn thing and to just keep driving (and turn up the radio adn drown them the hell out).

Then, at lunch today, all 3 continued the whine/fight/scream fest and I couldn't resist. I let out a "I can't take it anymore! You are all driving me nuts! Knock it off! All of you! Just knock this crap off!" As I stared at their little faces, I thought to myself, "son of pete. I am turning into my parents."

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