Saturday, August 05, 2006

Someday, I hope we'll all look back and laugh....

About 30 minutes ago, Elliott let out a blood curdling scream and was crying like he was hurt badly, and I took off running upstairs at warp speed. I busted open the door, thinking that either his leg was stuck or his crib collapsed or something equally as bad. Nope. What I saw was him cowering in the corner in his crib, practically climbing the net. Why? A bug. A crumb sized bug. He was crying hysterically and shaking and screaming, "bug! bug!". Gee. I know I am afraid of bugs, but crap, Elliott, I try not to show it in front of you guys! You've gotta chill out, little dude!

Today I took the twinadoes, sans Aidan, to visit my grandparents. Maybe it was because the older brother wasn't there that Elliott felt the need to lay down the rules, so to speak. He had this little plastic figurine that the kids call 'fireman' in his hands and laid it down on the picnic table and looked at Papa and firmly said, "MY fireman. Don't touch it. Leave it alone." Wow. Obsessive, aren't we? Again, he exerted his ownership when we got in the van to leave and Nana went to buckle Norah into her carseat. Elliott stood there and said, "No! My car! Not your car!" Geez, Elliott. Chill.

Often times, we wonder where Aidan inherited his gift of gab from. I mean, his daddy certainly can talk it up, but not like Aidan. We joke and say that he got that from his Uncle Ry. Aidan's nickname is "sir talks-a-lot". To put it meekly, the child never.stops.talking.

Yesterday, I was driving to the mall and I had a terrible headache and said that he could talk to himself, but asked that he not ask me any questions, because mommy just needed to chill and let her head rest till we got to the mall. such luck. I really wonder how a 4 year old's mind they can go from one string of thought to something totally and completely different. The little dude was talking non-stop, all 'why' questions. It went something like, "why do we drive everywhere? why am i lazy like my daddy? why do we start out as babies and not grownups? why did grandma crush up my vitamins in my ice cream last time i was over there? why do i pee at night? when will the twins stop wearing diapers? what kind of backpack can i get for school? why... " O. M. G.....

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