Thursday, August 24, 2006

You did WHAT?!

Aidan, my darling 4 year old. You're about to start kindergarten in 2 weeks. You're smart as a whip. You can crank out 100pc puzzles faster than I can change a diaper. However, I have to question your line of thinking when you put that penny in your mouth. I've got to ask you, "WTF were you thinking?!"

Wednesday, 8/23, Aidan came rushing into the living room with a worried look on his face, saying, "oh no, mommy! i just ate sumfin' that was money." I started freaking out, thinking it would mean a call to 911 due to a coin being stuck in his windpipe, and asked him what he ate. He said, "it was gold like the water" (what kind of water you lookin' at, boy?! ew!). I asked him if he could breathe and he said yes, and said the money was now in his belly. Ugh.

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