Monday, August 14, 2006

Little Sponges

Friday morning, Aidan greeted me in bed.
A: "Mommy! Quinn [our cat] puked on the living room carpet! I saw it and I said 'geez!' and daddy said, 'jesus christ'!"
From the other room, I hear "I DID NOT SAY THAT!!!"
Well, whether he did or didn't, I am guessing Aidan picked that expression up, in its correct context, somewhere!

I guess I've called Norah a big girl enough times for her to decide that is what she is. So now if I see her climbing on something and I make an offhand comment like, "are you my little monkey?" she will say, "No. I a big girl." Or if she is purring and meowing (like she was in the car yesterday for about 15 minutes) and I ask her if she was a cat in a past life, she responds with, "No, I a big girl." If she's being goofy and I say, "you're so silly!" I bet you can guess her response! Yup.... "No, I a big girl!"

Yesterday we were driving home and the radio was on, but I could hear Norah singing something to herself. I turned it down and yup.... she was singing the ABC's. It was quite cute. Of course, she stopped once she caught me sneaking a peek.

Aidan's line of questioning seems to be neverending. Man. I thought maybe we skipped the "why" stage. No such luck. And the worst part is that I have no answer for some of the questions, like "why does red mean stop and green mean go?" But then there are the other questions. Questions like, "why do trucks and buses have big engines?" and "why do babies say mama and dada and why do they cry?" and "why do old people drive slow?" and my personal favorite, "daddy, why did you drive the wrong way that one time?" (he wont let him forget about it! ha ha!). Or this weekend it was, "daddy, why do you keep doing things wrong?" (not sure where that one came from!).
And there is nothing worse than getting scolded by your 4 year old. We were bickering in the car and he said, "would you two just stop it!" errrrr. oops.

Thankfully his kindergarten teacher will absorb some of his whys in 22 days. Whew.

And just a little misc. to end this entry: One of Aidan's favorite things to do right now is to re-enact the 'Hot Chocolate' scene from Polar Express. Its quite funny. He also likes to sing and dance a number from Jungle Book. But the boy has no rhythym. He's white through and through.

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