Thursday, August 03, 2006

Miscellaneous Miscellany

Life With Twinadoes
Double the trouble, but double the fun. We try to focus on how cute they are to get through the tantrums and the taking off in opposite directions and the egging each other on and.... well, the list could go on forever.

Norah is the mother of the two. I guess its appropriate, given that she is the older sister. Heck, even in-utero, she was the bossy one. Thankfully, she's toned down on the bossiness and has started to exude some cute motherly instincts. For instance, she insists that every morning when they get up, all of Elliott's stuffed animals (doggie, puppy, bunny) and his "D" (blanket) come downstairs with them. The other day, they must have gone to sleep without bunny without E realizing it. When they woke up, we could hear Norah over the monitor, all worried, "Eddie! Da bunny! Da bunny, Eddie! Da bunny!" over and over and over again. When daddy went up there to get them out of bed, Norah ran into the train room and got bunny for Elliott. Whew!

I am not sure where Elliott picked this one up, but he loves to pretend play with Norah and say, "here come choo choo! open wide baby!" It cracks me up every time I hear it.

Yesterday, both of them had speech together for the first time. Normally, its just Norah. It was interesting watching them together. Norah almost did a bit better, because she was repeating Elliott, who is much better with his expressive skills than she.
Elliott has been improving leaps and bounds in his speech. We just filled out the paperwork to go forward with an IEP for both of them with the school system. It was surreal for me to read the word "disability", over and over again. I don't view either of them as having any disability.
Anyway, I have a feeling that by the time it happens (about 90 days from when they receive my 'ok' ), Elliott won't need it. He's doing great. And he'll continue to receive speech about 2x/month through birth-to-3 until his 3rd birthday.

Off to School?!?!
September 5th is coming quicker than I anticipated. I can't believe that Aidan will be in public kindergarten!!!!!!! My baby!!!! He's really looking forward to it and he really needs it. I can tell that he's getting bored at home. Its hard to meet everyone's needs. I am excited.

I hate to wish time away. I really try to enjoy every day as it comes. But I remember last summer and how hard it was with these 3 kids, and I just couldn't wait till this year. I knew it would be easier. And it totally is. They play in the front yard and know not to go in the street. I can take them to the pool and they have a ball! I never thought I could take 3 kids to the pool! Yesterday I took them to the wading pool and I just sat there and was able to chat. Last year, i couldnt even leave their sides...not even a foot away! What a change...what a pleasant change! I can only imagine what next summer will be like. But like I said...I hate to wish time away.

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