Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Sharing", as defined by a 4.5 year old

Let's set the scene:
Aidan is quietly playing with Lightning McQueen, driving him down the streets of a play city.

Elliott asks for some cars. Mommy picks out the cars that he requests.

Aidan spots Elliott having fun with one particular yellow car.

Aidan: "I want to play with that car."

Elliott: "No, my car. Ay-yee-yit pwaying wif it."

Aidan whines. Mom tells Aidan to patiently wait his turn.

All is quiet and suddenly, Elliott comes running to mommy, screaming. Aidan isplaying with the yellow car.

Aidan: "Look mommy. I am sharing. I gave Elliott the helicopter. See? I am a good sharer."

Um, not even close, bud.

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