Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blah Blah Blah...(a big fat update)

This past Friday, Aidan started a 5 week stint of library time that goes for 30 minutes without mommy in the room. Because it goes from 1:30-2:00 (aka, naptime), two of the moms from his classroom are alternating picking him up and taking him with their daughters. When we first talked about it, he wanted to sign up for the library time. But then, as the day approached, he got quite nervous about it. He did NOT want to go without mommy.
Friday came, and I was actually gone that afternoon, but Chris said that once he came home, he was so happy and excited about it! The mom that took him had gotten him a video from the library, as well. He said, "I want to go again!" Hooray!! He's growing up!

Tonight is Parent's Night in his classroom and he chose to take his daddy (only one parent can attend, due to the classroom size). This afternoon, he's clearly excited about it, talking about how he's going to get to play with daddy in all the centers, as well as eat a snack with daddy. They're actually doing a mock-day (cramming their 2.5 hr day into 45 mins). So this will be really neat.

School is still going super well. Aidan's taken great interest in writing. Every day, he likes to get out a pencil and paper and practice his writing. We need to branch out from writing his name, though, as that is all he's writing as of now. I also notice that his drawings are maturing. He's adding 'blue sky' to his outdoor drawings and paintings and his people are becoming more round and more complex. He's also starting to copy things he sees. Like yesterday I drew an apple and a pumpkin for him to cut out, and then he drew and apple and apumpkin and did a pretty damn good job at it. Very cool.

In Norah and Elliott news, I am still amazed at how well they've done with the room split. We thought for sure that Norah would have a hard time, but nope. Not at all. When they wake up, they do ask for each other, but that's about it. Last night, Norah took some time going to sleep and it sounded like she was having a private party in her room. She was singing the A-B-C's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Twinkle Twinkle, and having a conversation with herself. But not once did she get out of bed.

As much as they love each other, they love love love to fight with each other. Ugh. Today we got home after walking Aidan to school and I told them to go up to the front porch while I put the stroller in the backyard. Norah turned around and for no apparent reason, clocked Elliott in the bean with Skarloey. Elliott started bawling and I went to soothe him and turned to tell Norah to sit her little butt down when Elliott turned and charged Norah, pushing her down to the ground. I actually had to turn and giggle, because its rare that Ellie defends himself. :) Granted, he's taken to doing it more often, but he still whines and cries and runs to me more often than not.

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I'd be scared to be between Ellie and Norah if they were really ready to go at it!