Saturday, September 16, 2006

Proud Moments

Sometimes my babies can make me proud and make me laugh. Like last week, when we had to run into Old Navy to get their older brother a jacket and I realized that I forgot the stroller. I explained to them that I forgot the stroller and that they needed to stay by mommy and not run away and listen to me. If they were good, they'd get a popscicle when we got home. Low and behold, they actually listened. At one point, I looked back and there was Elliott, dancing like a little white boy, to the music Old Navy was playing. He cracked me up.
Of course, they got the popscicle when we got home.

And then there are times like this....when they go from smile to tantrum in under 2.3 seconds. I haven't figured out how to curb that one yet.

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