Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kids are so cruel!

This morning we were at school, playing on the playground as usual, as we waited for the bell to ring. Aidan, Norah, and Elliott decided they wanted to go down the 'firepole' thing and there were some older kids there.... I am not certain how old they were....maybe senior kindergarten, maybe 1st grade? Anyway, Aidan went down the pole by himself and was so proud of himself and then the twins needed my assistance and these two boys had the nerve to make fun of my kids! They said, "look at him! he can't do it right" and snickered. And when the twins did it, they said, "they can't even do it alone!" ha ha ha ha. The mama lion in me wanted to lash out and punch them in the face for making fun of my kids. But I took a deep breath and said, "hey - they're little. Don't make fun of them - that isn't nice!" and then I took my kids and walked over to another play area, mumbling under my breath, "you little f*ckers."

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