Monday, September 04, 2006

Her mommy's daughter; his daddy's son...

We set up Miss Norah's big girl bed this weekend. Once the cool new bedding was on it, I called Norah in to show it to her and her reaction? "No, dat not Norah bed. DAT [pointing to her crib] Norah bed!" Uh oh.
Yep - she's her mama's girl. She's strong willed, stubborn, and feisty. She is *not* a morning person. She wakes up and needs time to acclimate herself to the world before she comes out of her crib. If you go get her prematurely, hell hath no fury like Norah.
Norah loves her fruit and could likely live on fruit and the occasionally piece of chocolate. She shuns all meat.
Her mama's girl? You betcha!

And Aidan....he may look like his mama and her family, but he's his daddy's boy through and through. He's a morning person...up early, in a good mood, and ready to play. He loooooves carbs. If I gave him a warm baguette loaf, I would venture to guess he'd eat the whole thing. And watch out! If this boy naps, there is nothing more ornery than Aidan (or his father) when they wake up. Its best to stay at bay for a good 30 minutes post-nap. They are real grumpalumpaguses.

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