Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Swiper, No Swiping!

Dearest Norah,
One would assume that given that Dora the Explorer is one of your favorite shows, and that you love to say, "fiper, no fipin'" and that, on occasion, you've even accused your brother Elliott of swiping and yelled at him for it, that you would not partake in any swiping of your own. But alas, I guess that is certainly not the case.
This past Friday night, while at the Fun Fair with your daddy and brothers, you apparently wanted this little purple ball that was a door prize. When you were denied said ball, you got angry and tried again and he denied you again and a tantrum ensued. Later on, your daddy found you with the hot goods in your hand.
One could go so far as saying that you are a very persistant little girl.
But gee....maybe you should think about taking a lesson from Dora and Swiper?

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